PHOTOS THAT UNITE: Giving voice to those impacted by cancer.

#photosthatunite is a documentary project founded by photographer Jennifer Langille to publish the untold stories, through photography and personal interviews, of those who have been impacted by cancer.

A coast-to-coast vehicle-supported expedition contributing to the conversation around cancer's impact, however it's much more than that. 

Most of the people interviewed to-date have been able to seek treatments for their diagnosis of cancer. Most of the people participating have support systems in place to see them through their experience with cancer no matter the potential outcome (life vs. death).

Out there are those who CAN NOT receive treatment for one reason or the other. Out there are people who refuse treatment because they DO NOT believe they have the support needed to survive, as the treatment for some cancers are worse than the cancer itself.

We have a healthcare system and a society which often worsens the impact of something like cancer because living with cancer may be easier than trying to live with out it.

Photographer Jennifer Langille believes by setting out on this overlanding journey, connecting with each side of the story surrounding cancer's impact, her work can and will support the efforts of those trying to improve the lives of individuals with cancer. Whether the story be one of hope or one of challenge, powerful story-telling WILL inspire POSITIVE change.

PHOTOS THAT UNITE is currently a grassroots funded initiative looking for a matching sponsor/partner to help increase the project's impact for the long-haul. If you would like to support Jennifer's efforts please inquire today!


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