Cancer diagnosis is like being stopped in your tracks because the road ahead disappeared.


Giving Those Impacted by Cancer a Voice

These incredible individuals have shared their stories with Jennifer. Each impacted by cancer in a variety of ways. Each living a life not defined by how they were impacted, but in-spite of having had to navigate such a journey. They are everyday humans aiming to live extraordinary lives. 


"I can’t do this! I can’t do this! I CAN do this! Suck it up!  Just do it!"

Christie Schwab  |  breast Cancer Survivor | January 2018


The Road Has a Name

"It's scary to turn down an unfamiliar road, with nothing more than two tracks just wide enough for each tire. However, if you go slow, in low gear and take your time, with each mile one finds inner strength, courage, confidence, and beauty." - Jennifer Langille / Project Founder

To-date, Jennifer has traveled over 20,000 miles collecting stories of those impacted by cancer and documenting the experiences of traveling around, through and over unique landscapes of America as a solo female traveler. She began the journey from her home state of Vermont, has criss-crossed the country over eight months, and encountered quite a few challenges along the way.

The decision-making process and physical experiences associated with navigating challenging and often scary natural terrain is extremely comparable to what a person must face when encountering a cancer diagnosis. When first presented, it's all surreal, scary and the mind can almost shutdown for a moment while trying to process what they've been told, what they see, and how they feel in that moment.

There are many variables to consider. There are emotions to manage. There's a moment where one has to "take stock" of what they can handle and what is too much, too risky, too scary. 

On this journey, Jennifer is documenting her own experiences as they pertain to navigating the physical landscapes she must cross to meet with those impacted by cancer who live in hard-to-reach communities. She is collecting their stories, investigating the themes and parallels between their personal experiences to those of her own, and is composing a book. The book is inspired by how cancer has impacted her own life's course, and how it's influenced her decision-making over the last decade of life.

This is NOT a book about Cancer. Cancer is the "muse" though it is not the staring role. It's about love, passion, determination, and overcoming fears of the unknown. The individuals featured have all been impacted by cancer, however, none are defined by cancer. Cancer has been that "mountain" or "desert" they had to navigate. It's that time they got "stuck in the mud" and figured out a way to become "unstuck."

I hope those reading will feel encouraged to share their story and thereby inspiring Jennifer to navigate new landscapes.



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