Navigating challenging landscapes while inspiring those impacted by cancer.


A documentary book project by photographer/writer Jennifer Langille to create an inspirational resource for those navigating their way through a cancer diagnosis.


Why do this?

To inspire those impacted by cancer and/or any life-altering event to feel empowered to "live" through the challenges presented as a result of their diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Who is this book for?

  • Individuals diagnosed with cancer and/or any life-altering illness.
  • Care-providers of those impacted by cancer and/or any life-altering illness.
  • Individuals who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer and/or any life-altering illness.

Project goals include:

Investigating the parallels between navigating the “physical” landscapes of North America via overland vehicle-supported travel and navigating the unknown “figurative” landscapes of a cancer diagnosis.
Providing those impacted by cancer a platform to share their story.
To ultimately publish a book by end of 2019 that makes the reader feel hopeful in the face of navigating their own challenging life-altering events, like a cancer diagnosis. 

Project accomplishments to-date:

  • Navigating  approximately 20,000 miles collecting stories of those impacted by cancer and documenting the experiences of traveling around, through and over the unique landscapes of America as a solo female traveler.
  • Building the project’s website, social media presence and establishing relationships with media partners with a vested interest in both supporting those impacted by cancer and off-road travel.
  • Raising over $16,000 through individual supporters via GoFundMe that has funded the last five months of travel to collected stories of those impacted by cancer and document the experiences associated with navigating the challenging landscapes of America.




“If the road has a name, someone cares enough to maintain it.”

Jennifer Langille  | FOUNDER



The project, originally titled, Photos That Unite, began in October of 2017 with a simple aim to unite those impacted by breast cancer through photography and personal interviews. When it came time to actually collect stories from the road of those impacted by breast cancer, the "road" took an interesting turn. The people Jennifer met impacted by cancer where not impacted by breast cancer specifically.

In fact, she was not meeting anyone impacted by breast cancer at all! These passing strangers shared and illustrated how cancer has many names, does not matter the name, each is life-altering. During these encounters from the east coast to Nevada, the individuals met often felt as though their story was not worthy of the project because it was the “wrong cancer.” 

There is no “wrong cancer”. Cancer is cancer and it changes the landscape of one’s life. Jennifer felt horrible! Especially as her own experience with cancer covers melanoma, lung, thyroid, pancreatic, lymphatic, bone, stomach, mouth, ovarian, breast... it’s all cancer. By April of 2018 she kept the name of the project, however re-wrote the mission to include:

Giving voice to those impacted by cancer (any cancer!)

Now into August of 2018, the landscape and people touched by this project have significantly impacted Jennifer's life. What began as a simple project has evolved into a comprehensive endeavor to publish a book. The goal is to create a resource that inspires those facing the challenges of cancer to be empowered through powerful stories from those who have already navigated the challenging landscape. In addition, include tales from Jennifer's travels as she navigates the physical landscapes of North America in her Jeep Unlimited Rubicon.



Support the Journey

Every donation of $40 or more is eligible for a *SIGNED* copy of the book!