My personal landscape changed.

 Photography by C.T. Bell @charlestbell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Cancer has shaped and molded me into the human I am. From my own personal scare with hearing the words, “You have cancer,” to receiving news of loss as a result of cancer.

Why am I cancer free when so many others are not? I believe it’s because I’m meant to be there to support others who have seen their own landscapes reshaped by a diagnosis of cancer.

I always found compelling stories inspired me through challenging life situations. While there are countless literary resources available for those impacted by cancer, they are specific to individual forms of cancer. Nothing which unites those impacted by cancer around the experience of navigating the challenging decisions one has to make for themselves.

Whether you are navigating a treatment plan for cancer or a slippery rocky mountain road - each requires one to proceed slowly, taking in important information and making strategic decisions that will ensure a successful outcome. 

Furthermore, I want to investigate specifically the impact cancer has on small communities in very hard to reach places. It has humbled me in the last year how what appears to be an "adventure" is a daily commute for another, as they travel to the closest cancer facility to receive medical care.

If you'd like to learn more - please reach out! Otherwise, hope you'll follow along, share and lend a hand where you can! Thank you!


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Photo Credits: C.T. Bell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear



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