Lend a Hand!

There are different ways to support the project at this point!

Financial support via GoFundMe remains to be the most impactful and here's why: At this time, collecting content, writing and promoting the project is a full-time job.  However, MOST of you have already graciously done that! Furthermore, I know first hand, not everyone is in a position to help financially, which is 100% ok! Below are a few ways to lend a hand in the months ahead. If something feels like a good fit, reach out! Teamwork makes the dream a REALITY!

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Jennifer Langille
Learning to Drive as I Go

The following essay and photos  are from April 11th - 12th of 2018. Having been traveling across Nevada, we were dipping further south to avoid a significant weather system calling for high winds, which makes for an uncomfortable night of sleep. There was a good lead on a campsite just off Nevada route 6, west of Coaldale, and off road 264. We decided to make a play for it. The hunt for camp became one of the more memorable adventures of this journey.

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