Lend a Hand!

There are different ways to support the project at this point!

Financial support via GoFundMe remains to be the most impactful and here's why:  

At this time, collecting content, writing and promoting the project is a full-time job. 

However, MOST of you have already graciously done that! Furthermore, I know first hand, not everyone is in a position to help financially, which is 100% ok! Below are a few ways to lend a hand in the months ahead. If something feels like a good fit, reach out! Teamwork makes the dream a REALITY!

Lightly used gear donations...


One of our project supporters was cleaning out his gear closet and sent us this really awesome box of goodies! Every item in great working order! If you have some lightly used gear you are no longer in need, send me a note

Monty was slightly disappointed there was nothing in there for him. Which is ok! He is SPOILED!

Organize a "Meet and Greet"


Last month when Bryan Monahan, an incredible human living with pancreatic cancer, rallied his local off-road community to come out and visit with Monty and I, it was INCREDIBLE!

It was also very supportive. The impromptu event afforded the opportunity to share with more people what this project is all about. I was able to personally thank donors too! If this is your superpower, rallying the troops for a social gathering - lets do it!

New Gear... we have an Amazon Wish-list!


Over the last few months, folks have reached out asking, "What do you need?" The struggle with that is, at the time, I wasn't all that sure! A perfect example: While working out in the Reno/Tahoe area, had the opportunity to connect with the local NPR station. They were completely supportive of the work I was doing until they learned all my interviews were recorded on my iPhone. I felt defeated. Had no idea!

They suggested using a ZOOM recorder, which I simply could not afford one at the time. Therefore in receiving this gift, not only will I worry less, the iPhone has NOT been the most reliable recording device - knowing an outlet like NPR can help expand the reach of these stories in the future - simply elated!

The project's Amazon Wish-list is kept up-to-date. The list ranges from recovery gear for the Jeep, equipment to support story-telling, and even smaller items that ensure I'm eating along the way! If you'd like to surprise me, that is fine! (It's my birthday 8/31) Just let me know so I can ensure you have the best address to ship too. I will be on the move again here soon!

Donating time, a place to stay, networking, etc.


I'm one woman, a dog and a Jeep. While I've proven it's possible to achieve a great deal with all that, when someone lends a hand, it always makes a difference. Here are a few ways friends and family have supported us these last seven months:

A place to stay with access to WiFi (and a hot shower!) - This last trek, had family with an empty place they offered to Monty and I on occasion. The few times we made use of the space, I was able to accomplish important work ranging from writing articles to re-designing the whole website. Projects that are much harder to do on the road. Staying in someone's home as a guest while thoughtful, tends to be distracting. If you are an AirBnB Host and occasionally have availability to donate 1-2 nights, extremely supportive and promise to leave the place spotless!

Time and Professional Skills - I might be professionally qualified to do all this, however, I'm one human and it's hard to do it ALL well. Individuals who have shared their time and expertise with me have helped advance this project to where it is presently. To cross the line with a completed printed book - could absolutely use support with securing project partners (sponsors) and securing a creative and talented editor.

Sharing is Caring! The success of the project will ultimately be based on how many people KNOW it exist. A book can be published, and in fact thousands of books are published annually. However, we never hear about most of them. I research this one thing daily because I want this book to be WILDLY successful and accessible. The humbling part of that research is knowing it doesn't matter how incredible your book is, if no one knows about it - it will fail. Failure is NOT an option here folks! I welcome ALL support, advice, and suggestions on making this book go viral before it ever hits the press!  

Thank you!

Jennifer Langille